Katerina Hoffmann, Manager, Homestay West

Katerina Hoffmann, Manager, Homestay West

My passions are my family, friends and work.  I enjoy bringing a smile to people’s faces’, baking tasty goodies, paddle-boarding, hiking and skiing with my kids. We are an experienced homestay family, having hosted international students in North Vancouver for the past 2 years.

Canada is the third country I have called home. I grew up in the Czech Republic where I studied economics. During my studies I took a foreign semester in Germany which ended up being a Master programme in Business Administration, after which I lived and worked in Germany for 12 years.  Our family moved to Canada in 2011, settling in North Vancouver.

I have experience in building international business co-operations and helping clients to overcome cultural differences. I have spent a portion of my life in administrative positions, taking care of finance and budgeting, as well as building internal teams.

I enjoy discovering new flavors and new places, meeting new people and building long lasting relationships.

What I love about MLI: I am new to the team. I felt welcome from the very first moment I stepped through the door. Everybody is very professional, always having the best interests of the kids and hosting families in mind. I am looking forward to being a part of this great inspiring team. 

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